Turn-key Scrum Team

Scaling your engineering team should be simple, easy and never sacrifice quality. Technology companies and traditional corporations need to evolve quickly as they disrupt all types of industries and are operate in highly competitive markets. If you need a full engineering team to build applications or to augment your existing development organization we can help. We actively provide full scrum team services to software companies and corporations looking to build applications using agile development methods. Our team can work integrate with existing team on daily stand up calls or we work independently. You pick what works best for your team and company goals.

Custom Application Development

Our engineering teams enjoy working with clients just like you. Need to streamline your customer experience, or employee communication we can build you the tool and deliver a superior online experience for your business. Our Agile Development approach allows our team to  develop and integrate applications to make your business scalable and seamless.

Agile Technology Integration

Integration and agile web development are cornerstones of our business. We utilize marketing automation tools within multiple content management systems, Today we work with many business to integrate all of your existing technologies, apps and information into a single platform. At BrainyYack can build tools and platforms that your clients require but aren’t part of your main product roadmap – therefor allowing you to extend your client offering without extending your project timeframes.


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