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BrainyYack builds and deploys cloud-based software applications for enterprises, software companies and non-profit organizations globally.

We provide a wide range of software-related engineering services including software development, product management, UX/UI design, cloud migrations, deployment of industry-leading SaaS products, consulting and training.

With the combination of our engineering strength, comprehensive know-how of technology and passion for innovation we are devoted to helping our customers succeed. We view ourselves as an extension of our customer’s business and a committed business partner.

Delivering Digital Transformation Initiatives

Technology is having an impact on every business and organization globally.  Those that embrace technology are accelerating ahead of their competition and improving their revenue and profitability. 

 BrainyYack helps businesses and non-profit organizations implement and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.   Our customers ultimately benefit by improving their operational efficiency and creating new revenue streams through the re-invention and improvement of their products and services.

Our team of technology experts stay at the forefront of new technologies and have a thorough understanding of how it can be leveraged to have a positive impact on businesses.  BrainyYack will help your organization leverage software to create a significant competitive advantage. We believe that embracing technology is something that needs to be continuous so we work with our customers to ensure their technology advantage is maintained and adapted to changing market conditions.

Digital Transformation Services

Digital advisory and assessments

Our expert team focuses on processes, infrastructure, architecture, and data to help you resolve specific challenges and uncover opportunities during the product life cycle. Through digital transformation, Brainy Yack helps your business fill your current customer experience gaps, evaluate the efficiency of your current infrastructure and keep up with evolving technological trends, identifying and establishing technological foundations that might be needed in your business to deliver products at scale.

Legacy modernization services

Modernize your current technologies to the latest cloud-native architectures without losing previous investments and years of business logic. It doesn’t matter your particular challenge, our expert team will help you to transform your systems into modern and efficient systems, so you can stay future-ready, optimize resources, minimize risks, reduce time-to-market, improve the user experience and stay ahead of your competitors.

Process automation

We help you to provide smarter and more efficient ways for your teams to work, replacing manual, tedious and repetitive business processes prone to human error to automated processes that will let you improve overall incomes. From developing custom software tools for your business, to implementing CRM process automation and strengthening your reporting capabilities, with Brainy Yack you can empower and engage your employees to  adopt new automation tools and use their valuable time on business growth and innovation.

Software Development and Implementation Services

BrainyYack delivers a wide range of software engineering and implementation services depending on the needs and requirements of our customers. 

Software Engineering

Our BrainyYack team consists of exceptional designers, architects, software engineers and product managers.  We adopt an extremely effective agile development process utilizing modern tools to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our engineering team.  Our engineering breath crosses numerous software languages including .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP with our core strength in cloud applications.    We build new software products along with ongoing innovation and/or accelerate the roadmap of existing software product.

Custom Software Development

With an agile development mindset, careful planning, and iterative testing, our qualified software solution experts build high-quality, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective software to meet your exact needs. From web application development services, mobile apps based on the latest technology, custom blockchain-powered apps to cloud-based apps, we work closely with your team and align with your budget, timeline, and expectations.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Migration: Many businesses and software companies globally are migrating their software applications from premise-based to cloud-based software applications delivered as a service, commonly referred to as software as service (“SaaS”). We have significant experience in helping business and software companies with this migration process which includes application re-architecture, significant software development, transition of data, new UX/UI requirements in addition to a long list of other considerations. BrainyYack has helped many organizations expedite their migration to hybrid, private or multi-tenanted cloud. Our customized planning and thoughtful execution will allow your business to make this transition successful.

Cloud Optimization: Cloud Optimization allows your business to save on cost while improving visibility and performance. It’s the fine tuning needed to bring your business beyond convention, and within budget. Understanding where costs come from and eliminating waste that is holding your organization back. Brainyyack is able to provision the right amount of resources to springboard your growth and will ensure that you get the most out of your IT spend. 

Deploying Software Across Multiple Cloud Platforms: Modern software applications run across multiple cloud providers on either a private cloud, hybrid or multi-tenant cloud deployment strategy. We have engineers with extensive knowledge of development operations,  testing and implementing solutions across multiple platforms providers including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud,  Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud, WP Engine and other regional cloud providers.

Experience Design

One of the most critical phases in building great software is the user interface and design phases.  Software users expect that applications are easy to use, look great and require minimal training.   We have tremendous engineering design teams that create engaging, great-looking software designs driving improved customer experiences.     The UX/UI design process adopted by BrainyYack involves collaboration with our customers to help ensure the brand integrity is maintained and that the application looks great across multiple computing endpoints such as multiple mobile devices, laptops, personal computers, tablets and IoT devices.  

Website Development

BrainyYack designs and develops websites that are professional representations of an organization’s brand and also deliver tangible business results. Our innovative approach to building an organization’s website goes beyond great design, intuitive user experience, branding and content to also ensure the site can be used as business tool utilized to transact, interact and service customers, partners, investors and employees.

Development Team

When your development team lacks specific expertise or capacity, we help you with technology experts that integrate seamlessly with your team to accelerate the development and implementation of high-level innovation projects, so that you can be ahead of your competitors. You don’t need to worry about finding the right talent and creating a highly efficient and cost-effective environment for software development. That’s what Brainy Yack is here for!

Digital Accelerators

With our pre-build technology, we can help you accelerate the implementation of solutions maintaining the quality of the product and applying the best engineering practices. Based on modularity, you can choose specific accelerators according to your needs. Also, you can extend the functionality using programming languages like Python.

Data & Analytics

We help you to build a tailored business intelligence system that allows you to deliver data-driven personalization to your customers and drive efficient growth. We can also assist you in accelerating your data and analytics solutions thanks to our expert team and through our proprietary IPs, data platform accelerator, and partnerships with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and Splunk®.

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