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Case Study:

Industry: Digital Industries

WebMD is an online source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information. They providing credible health information, a supportive community and the ability to check symptoms online and connect with health care professionals.


WebMD asked us to build an innovative, interactive project about Crohn’s Disease. This project would provide detailed information about the disease as well as give users the ability to filter by severity and body part to better understand how the disease affects those who are experiencing it.


BrainyYack created an interactive platform using high-quality medical illustrations that allows users to select from twelve different areas that can be affected by Crohn’s Disease such as intestines, liver, eyes, joints and more. Users can also filter by severity to understand what the disease looks like from mild to severe, as well as understand how organs and surrounding tissues are affected as the disease progresses.

BrainyYack provided a full development team who had to use technologies that fit WebMD’s existing development and compliance standards, and who completed the project on a tight deadline.

Have a look at WebMD’s Interactive Crohn’s Disease page here.

Services & Technologies Used

Agile Project




Custom CMS
provided by WebMD

Dynamically created content
with Java Technologies